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We will be running a 4.75 mile loop counter-clockwise around the UWGB campus. The trail consists of sections of crushed limestone (45%), wood chips (50%) and asphalt (5%). The wood chipped sections contain some hilly portions, but are easy on the legs. Elevation gain per lap is 157 feet.

Aid Stations / Food


This is a GREEN event! Each participant is required to carry a water bottle. We will provide Tailwind and water on the course. There will be some great ultra staples available at the start/finish line. You will pass this point every 4.75 miles. 

Aid Station 1 - At mile .9.

  • Water

  • Our famous watermelon!!


Aid Station 2 - At mile 2.6.

  • Water

  • Electrolyte drink

  • Food

  • Towels you can soak in ice-cold water


Start/Finish Aid Station - At mile 4.75.

  • CLIF Bar products

  • Snacks

  • Pretzels

  • Bananas

  • Cookies

  • Water

  • Electrolyte drink








June 22-23, 2024
Valders, WI

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